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    Finding Order in Chaos – Part 1  

Brief Description of Article:

Problem solving can be chaotic…writing down the problem is a good start to finding order.

Maps helps us find our way when we’re lost.  “Functional Mapping” is a tool to help us finds order in the chaos of problem solving.

To think outside the box, sometimes you need to stop thinking like you and think like someone else.  Looking at how others solved problems can help you solve your problems in new ways.

Group think stagnates development and is a barrier to change.  To get out of it, you must create a new, compelling group think…with critical mass believing “change is worth it and needed”!

Nature often knows more than we do.  When we learn from it, we can be inspired to create all new, breakthrough solutions.  But, there’s more to it than just copying nature.

To get value from IP, claims must cover what’s relevant to the business.  They don’t always, but a solid partnership between the inventor and attorney can help ensure they do.

Patent strategies are key to ensuring the value from researching a technology field is maximized.  This includes anticipating what the next innovations are and planning to create them.

The inventor’s role in IP work is not taught in school.  An expert IP mentor can help inventors quickly learn to be efficient and effective.  The Solution Infusion can help new and even relatively experienced inventors in this area.

Finding and fixing holes in cases prior to filing helps ensure easier prosecution and successful patent grants.  An expert not close to the case can find the holes better than you can.  The Solution Infusion provides this service to you.

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