Struggling to find solutions to tough technical problems?  The Solution Infusion can help find breakthrough, business-relevant solutions.

Our approach has been proven over decades and resulted in over 130 granted patents and over $1 billion in incremental profit. Recently, we successfully applied our problem-solving approach in steel stamping, pest control bait boxes, production systems, and skin disease; so regardless of the problem, we can help your business also.

We can also teach your organization our approach so you can grow organizational capability.

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We offer 4 problem-solving services (details below), but we can tailor our approach to your needs.  The services flow from insights that:

  • Problems and solutions may be clear in 1 person’s mind, but often others don’t fully understand.  Making them explicit in a structured way helps better engage others and results in unexpected solutions.
  • Many problems have already been solved elsewhere.  Looking at “who else has solved the problem” (even if not in my field) often leads to new solutions.
  • Many can benefit from training and mentoring related to the points above.

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Solution Creation Sessions

In these sessions, we generate possible solutions to pursue using a series of exercises leveraging Structured Thinking & Innovation by Analogy.

These are typically 1-day* large group sessions held at your site but can be small group or 1:1 via video or phone.

We provide a summary of all solutions identified.  This includes outputs from key exercises and our recommendations for further pursuit of the ideas.

                                                         *Note:  More than 1 day may be required  for some problems



Training in our Solution Creation Approach

We train you in our approaches, so your organization can leverage them in their careers.

These are typically 1-day sessions with large groups held at your site but can be small group or 1:1 via video or phone.

After the training, we provide any specific recommendations for the group or individuals for additional mentoring, as well as results of the Knowledge Check & Course Evaluation.


Mentoring for Solution Creators

After our training sessions, we work 1:1 with individuals and/or groups to help them apply their newly learned skills on the job.

These are typically ~1 hour sessions (via phone/video) over a period of 3-6 months.

We provide a summary of progress made in the mentoring sessions over time, along with recommendations for further skill development.

Mentoring for Managers of Others

We engage 1:1 or in small group sessions with managers to help them better understand how they can fully enable their organization to get results from our Solution Creation Approach.

These are typically ~1 hour sessions via phone/video over a period of 3-6 months.

In these sessions, we share perspective on how your organization is making progress in leveraging our approach & provide recommendations to better enable your organization.